Bites and Dental Business 2019 Highlights

A look back at Bites and Dental Business events 2019 featuring 13 unique panelists Joseph Jordan, JD: Tucker Smith, RDH; Heath Walters CPA; Jason Huff, Mary Fisher-Day, Grace Rizza, Dr. Roy Shelborne; Stuart Oberman, JD; Harris Gignilliat, CRP; Debi Carr, HSIC; Andrea Greer RDH, and Dana Russell FAADOM in Greenville, SC; Chicago, Ill; Atlanta, GA; and Orlando, Fl.
Moderators were – Andy Cleveland and Mary Fisher-Day
Host – Todd Day
Sponsored by: CareCredit, RevenueWell, OnDiem, Weave, BURST, Identity Dental Marketing, Select Merchant Solutions, JPA Transitions, Dental Intel, ICore Connect, CareStack, Winstar, Practice Guard, Affinity Bank, Support DDS, and Oberman Law Firm
DPC, Zen Supplies,

Hears to an amazing 2020!